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Some project than make our farm stack better

OSFarm make a selection of functionnal and strong open source project to add it to the interoperable stack


Self guidance system on existing tractor


Self planting system on existing tractor


Autonomous precision weed picking robot


Autonomous hoeing corn crop robot

Intel Iris

Low-cost Autonomous Water Control


All in one robot for small croping area


Autonomous precision weed picking robot on grass land

Le pré fabriqué

On premise tools for crop


all in one farm management information system

6 reasons to join us

Collaborate on sustainable project

Share work, discuss changes, and get feedback in one place to save time and be sure not reinvented the wheel.

On your farm, on your servers or in the cloud

Run OSFarm stack on your servers as a virtual appliance, or let us host the stack for you, whatever your security requires.

Foster innovation

OSFarm enables you to rapidly deploy new ideas to build better solutions, faster.

Software, Hardware built your way

Integrate and Customize third party tools, to deploy solution in the way that works best for your farm.

Engage community by training & testing in a real farm

Test your project on real farm to engage farmer, or train your agtech developers with ease.

Skip the longtime paperwork on project

No more procrastination on project, look at our community and start building your stack

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Join the Revolution

Join peoples, projects, organizations around the world who collaborate on code, data, hardware, and more for farming future. See the rest of the OSFarm community.

Get started today

Interessted by something around farming and open source Contact us to learn more about how to be involved

Join as Contributor

Coding and developpement on open source projets link to Agtech.

Join as Farmer

I use solution and want to customize and build it.

Join as Farmer Organization

We want to promote and sell services aroud open source solutions for Agtech.

Join as a sponsort partner

We want to promote and support open source Agtech solutions.

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